Question: What Is Another Word For Booking?

What is unease mean?

: mental or spiritual discomfort: such as.

a : vague dissatisfaction : misgiving.

b : anxiety, disquiet.

c : lack of ease (as in social relations) : embarrassment..

Is booked meaning?

booked. past participle. booked. DEFINITIONS2. intransitive/transitive to buy tickets, or to arrange to have or use something at a particular time in the future.

How do you say you’re busy in a nice way?

How to Say “I’m Busy” in English“I’ve got a lot to do.” You might hear people say they’ve got a lot to do. … “My plate is full” or “I have a lot on my plate.” … “I’m up to my ears.” … “My agenda is full.” … “There is a lot going on.” … “I’m swamped!” … “Buried with work.” … “Tied up.”More items…•

What is opposite word of busy?

Antonyms: slothful, idle, unoccupied, work-shy, plain, inactive, not intrusive, unengaged, otiose, lackadaisical, bone-idle, indolent, faineant, lazy, bone-lazy, unintrusive, leisured. busy, occupy(verb)

What is another word for not busy?

What is another word for not busy?unoccupiedidleworklessat leisurelazyloiteringout of workquiescentnot at worknot tied up29 more rows

What is another word for reservation?

What is another word for reservation?engagementbookingcharter arrangementshire arrangementsprior arrangementprior arrangementsexclusive possessionreserved ticketsetting asidereserved room20 more rows

What is another word for request?


What is the meaning of bookings?

A booking is the arrangement that you make when you book something such as a hotel room, a table at a restaurant, a theatre seat, or a place on public transport. I suggest you tell him there was a mistake over his late booking. Synonyms: reservation, date, appointment, engagement More Synonyms of booking.

What is another word for busy?

Some common synonyms of busy are assiduous, diligent, industrious, and sedulous. While all these words mean “actively engaged or occupied,” busy chiefly stresses activity as opposed to idleness or leisure.

What is the same word of requested?

Necessary; being needed. Find another word for requested. In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for requested, like: asked, summoned, drafted, hunted, demanded, phoned, telephoned, in request, , popular and wanted.

What is a stronger word for request?

Synonyms for request. ask (for), order, put in (for), requisition.

What part of speech is booked?

bookshelf: a shelf on which you store books….book.part of speech:nounphrase:like a bookpart of speech:transitive verbinflections:books, booking, booked23 more rows

What is another word for booked?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for booked, like: contracted, reserved, programmed, slated, billed, advertised, lined up, charged, taken into custody, jailed and proposed.

What is a booking law?

The procedure by which law enforcement officials record facts about the arrest of and charges against a suspect such as the crime for which the arrest was made, together with information concerning the identification of the suspect and other pertinent facts.

Who is involved in a booking?

After an arrest, a criminal suspect is usually taken into police custody and “booked,” or “processed.” During booking, a police officer typically takes the criminal suspect’s personal information; records information about the alleged crime; performs a record search of the suspect’s criminal background; fingerprints, …

How do you politely ask for something?

Here are some tips on asking for favors:Be direct but polite. … Don’t make it sound bad. … Avoid guilt. … Don’t cross the line. … Show respect. … Avoid constant one-sided favors. … Be personal but straightforward. … Take “No” for an answer.More items…•

Is unbooked a word?

adjective. (of a ticket, accommodation, etc.) not yet booked. ‘He also blamed the low water levels on lock misuse and a number of unbooked boats.

What is the opposite of booked?

Verb. ▲ (of accommodation) Opposite of to have rented. rented out. hired out.

What does qualm mean in English?

noun. an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; compunction: He has no qualms about lying. a sudden feeling of apprehensive uneasiness; misgiving: a sudden qualm about the success of the venture.

What are reservations?

noun. the act of keeping back, withholding, or setting apart. the act of making an exception or qualification. an exception or qualification made expressly or tacitly:to accept something, but with inner reservations. a tract of public land set apart for a special purpose, as for the use of an Indian tribe.