Question: What Is Meant By Obligatory?

What is the meaning of obligatory function?


required as a matter of obligation; mandatory: A reply is desirable but not obligatory.

incumbent or compulsory (usually followed by on or upon): duties obligatory on all.

imposing moral or legal obligation; binding: an obligatory promise..

What is a sentence for predicament?

Example sentences from the Web for predicament When he first arrived in 2006, he only knew two or three others in his predicament. This is precisely the predicament in which many thousand people are today.

What does it mean if something is mandatory?

adjective. authoritatively ordered; obligatory; compulsory: It is mandatory that all students take two years of math. pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing a command. Law. permitting no option; not to be disregarded or modified: a mandatory clause.

What is another word for have?

bearcherish.entertain.exhibit.harbor.have.hold.hold up.maintain.More items…

What is law according to Sanchez Roman?

Sanchez roman definition of law. In a specific sense, law is a rule of conduct, just, obligatory, promulgated by the competent authority for the common good of a people or nation, which constitutes an obligatory rule of conduct for all its members.”

What is just and obligatory?

Laws that would regulate the actions of people, to prohibit something, prescribe a certain act or punish a crime. … Must be just – As guides for human conduct, laws must always aim that justice should always prevail. Must be obligatory – It is imperative that laws must be enforced.

Is an obligation mandatory?

As nouns the difference between obligation and mandatory is that obligation is the act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie to someone while mandatory is (dated|rare) a person, organisation or state who receives a mandate; a mandatary.

What is a antonym for obligatory?

obligatory(adj) required by obligation or compulsion or convention. “he made all the obligatory apologies” Antonyms: facultative, optional, unneeded, ex gratia, elective, nonobligatory, nonmandatory, unnecessary.

What’s another word for connoisseur?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for connoisseur, like: bon-vivant, judge, authority, epicure, woman of taste, expert, collector, critic, arbiter of taste, man of taste and virtuoso.

What is the difference between obligatory and mandatory?

The difference between Mandatory and Obligatory When used as adjectives, mandatory means obligatory, whereas obligatory means imposing obligation, legally or morally. … Mandatory as an adjective: Obligatory; required or commanded by authority.

What is the synonym of obligatory?

obligatory(a) Synonyms: binding, incumbent, imperative, coercive. Antonyms: optional, discretional.

What part of speech is obligatory?

obligatorypart of speech:adjectivedefinition 1:binding in a moral or legal sense. Basic care of one’s child is considered obligatory by the law. synonyms: binding, compulsory, mandatory similar words: necessary, required3 more rows

What does it mean if something is compulsory?

adjective. required; mandatory; obligatory: compulsory education. using compulsion; compelling; constraining: compulsory measures to control rioting.

Does compulsory mean law?

If something is compulsory, you must do it or accept it, because it is the law or because someone in a position of authority says you must.

How do you use obligatory in a sentence?

Obligatory in a Sentence 🔉As part of my obligatory court sentence, I must complete sixty hours of community service. … New hires must attend the obligatory orientation session. … Because Ray is an awesome host, he never fails to perform the obligatory duties like greeting each guest and keeping glasses full.More items…

What does non obligatory mean?

adj not required by rule or law Synonyms: nonmandatory optional. possible but not necessary; left to personal choice.

Is the word non obligatory?

Nonobligatory definitions Not obligatory; not required; optional.

Is unrequired a word?

Not necessary: dispensable, inessential, needless, nonessential, uncalled-for, unessential, unnecessary, unneeded.

What are the general divisions of law?

General Divisions of Law. – Law in its most comprehensive sense has been divided into two general groups: divine law and human law. By divine law is meant that in which God himself is the legislator who has promulgated the law; by human law is meant that which is promulgated by man to regulate human relations.