Quick Answer: How Do I Get My Genius Discount On Booking Com?

Does booking com do student discount?

✅ Does Booking com do a student discount.

At the moment they do not do a student discount..

What is booking genius level 2?

“Level 2 is the top, it comes with 15% discount and free breakfast.” The Genius benefits only apply if the hotel includes them in the rooms they offer on booking.com. It is not an across the board offer, although it does read that way with the new Level 1 and 2 language being shown on booking.com.

How do I use my booking com rewards?

How do I use my unique link? Type your unique link into your internet browser. Your reward will be activated when you land on our website, then make a booking as you normally would. After booking, you’ll receive a message in your confirmation email verifying that you’ll get your money back after your stay.

What is the genius discount on booking com?

When you join the program, you’ll automatically enable the mandatory 10% Genius discount on your least expensive or most popular room and start attracting high-value Genius guests. In situations where your least expensive room is not your best selling room, the discount will apply to both room types.

How do you get a discount on booking com?

How can I get a discount at Booking.com? Get discount at Booking.com when you browse the Travel Deals page. From there, you can find travel offers and enjoy 15% discount or more on your stay.

How do I increase my genius level on booking com?

How Do You Reach Genius Level One on Booking.com? To unlock Genius Level One on Booking you must complete two stays within two years. Once achieved, it’s a lifetime membership with no further requirements to maintain Genius Level One.

What is the highest genius level on booking com?

Level 2Level 2 is the top, it comes with 15% discount and free breakfast. No big deal but if you travel a lot it adds up. Not all hotels on booking.com join the Genius program though.

How do I cancel genius booking?

How do I deactivate Genius Business?Click on the ‘Opportunities’ tab.Select ‘Genius partner programme’, then ‘Manage your audience’.Under ‘Your Genius business rate’, click on the drop-down box next to ‘Edit’.Select ‘Stop’ to deactivate Genius Business.

What is genius discount?

To qualify for membership, customers just need to accumulate two bookings in a two-year window and – voilà – they become eligible for a minimum of 10% discount with participating hotels all around the globe. Genius guests who have made 5 bookings or more are to receive a 15% discount.

Can you get scammed on booking com?

Online travel agent Booking.com has admitted that it has had to compensate customers whose personal details have been stolen. Guests booking hotel rooms have unwittingly handed over money to criminals.

What is a secret deal on booking com?

Secret Deals is an option that allows our hotel partners to offer deals to an exclusive and loyal group of Booking.com customers across various channels including Booking.com account holders, newsletter subscribers and all mobile app users.

Does booking com have a loyalty program?

Discover the Genius way to travel. From discounted rates to free room upgrades and breakfasts, Booking.com’s loyalty program always gives you more from travel. Sign in or create an account to get started.

How many genius levels are on booking com?

twoAnd from other blogs, this is confirmed, and there’s hope that more may be added. There are currently two Booking Genius levels. The basic benefit of Booking Genius level 1 is 10% off at select hotels (they need to have a minimum user rating of 7.5 to participate, so you’re only getting the good stuff).

How do you get a 10 discount on booking com?

To receive your reward, you need to have a Booking.com account. A credit card or debit card must be registered with your account. 10% will be credited back onto the card registered on your account. Note that you can use a referral link only once per account.