Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Cornerstone?

What does contentedly mean?

The definition of contentedly is doing something with satisfaction or peace.

An example of doing something contentedly is walking down the street with a smile and a relaxed attitude.


What’s another word for contentment?

satisfaction, complacency, appreciation, pleasure, gratification, delight, fulfilment.

What does cornerstone mean in business?

adding valueIn the context of a business, the Do cornerstone means adding value to the company, customers, and clients and producing quality products and services. It also means staying healthy, keeping to the budget, and maintaining a pleasant office space.

What is a small anchor called?

A Killick anchor is a small, possibly improvised, anchor.

What does it mean the stone the builders rejected?

capstoneAnswer: The stone rejected by the builders was chosen by God, the chief builder, to be the capstone. Peter is pointing that Jesus Christ was rejected and crucified by his own people.

What is the difference between a cornerstone and a capstone?

is that capstone is any of the stones making up the top layer of a wall; a coping stone while cornerstone is a ceremonial stone set at the corner of a building, joining two exterior walls, and often inscribed with the starting and completion dates of construction, the name of the architect and owner, and other details.

What is the purpose of the cornerstone?

In relation to architecture, a cornerstone is traditionally the first stone laid for a structure, with all other stones laid in reference. A cornerstone marks the geographical location by orienting a building in a specific direction. Cornerstones have been around for millennia, in some shape or form.

What is another word for anchor?

In this page you can discover 83 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for anchor, like: stay, killick, security, heave the hook, attach, moor, safeguard, fasten, drop anchor, drag anchor and bow anchor.

What is the cornerstone of culture?

Language. the communication of thoughts, feelings, and knowledge. =>cornerstone of culture; reflects cultures identity.

What is a cornerstone sentence?

Definition of Cornerstone. a key part of something. Examples of Cornerstone in a sentence. 1. Keith’s belief in Christ is the cornerstone of all his successful relationships.

What is the opposite of contended?

Opposite of to have made a claim. denied. disclaimed. recanted. refuted.

What does cornerstone mean biblically?

In every stone building, one stone is crucial. It is laid first, and it is to ensure that the building is square and stable. It is the rock upon which the weight of the entire structure rests. It is the cornerstone. Scripture describes Jesus as the “Chief Cornerstone” of our faith.

What is the cornerstone of trade?

A country can specialize in the production of goods in which it has a comparative advantage or in other words, the country can produce the goods at lower opportunity costs and export them to other countries where the opportunity cost of producing those good is higher. Thus, the cornerstone of trade is specialization.

What does it mean to call someone an anchor?

As applied to a person, the word “anchor” means that the person can be relied on to keep a project, an organization, or a family in the right place; an individual is an “anchor” for another person by providing stability and connectedness.

Can cornerstone plural?

The plural form of cornerstone is cornerstones.

What does it mean to be the cornerstone of something?

A cornerstone is literally a stone at the corner of a building. It’s an important stone, so it also means “the basic part of something,” as in, the cornerstone of the suffragette movement was getting women the right to vote.

What is a synonym for contentedly?

SYNONYMS. content, satisfied, pleased. gratified, fulfilled. happy, cheerful, cheery, glad, delighted. tranquil, unworried, untroubled, at ease, at peace, comfortable, serene, placid, complacent.

Whats the opposite of lazy?

What is the opposite of lazy?hard-workingdiligentindustriousconscientiousassiduoushardworkingambitiouscommitteddedicateddevoted30 more rows

Can you have multiple cornerstones?

This news doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to place multiple Cornerstones on the map at will, but instead simply means that players can design up to 4 Cornerstones and swap between the designs at will. If you want to make a Cornerstone for each season you are free to do so.

What’s a synonym for Cornerstone?

1’the theory of natural selection is a cornerstone of biological thought’ SYNONYMS. foundation, basis, keystone, mainspring, mainstay, linchpin, bedrock, fundament, base, key, fundamental principle, main ingredient, central component, centrepiece, core, heart, centre, focus, crux, prop, backbone, anchor.

How do you use the word cornerstone?

Examples of cornerstone in a Sentence Officials held a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for a new library. Trust is the cornerstone of their relationship.